Personal Insurance

Personal insurance provides financial stability on the death or illness of you or a family member. It ensures the family's financial responsibilities can continue to be met, and the lifestyle of the family is protected.

Life Insurance

In the event of your death, life insurance provides your family the ability to continue to pay the bills and take care of the mortgage, giving them the ability to continue to live the life you had planned together.

Income Cover

Working and your ability to generate income is your biggest asset. In the event that an illness or an accident takes you away from work, Income Cover will pay you a percentage of your gross annual salary. This provides you and your family with financial certainty and lets you focus on getting back on your feet.

Health Insurance

Private Medical Cover supports you when you need access to the very best medical attention for non-urgent conditions. Unlike the Public Health System, it gives you control over choosing your medical practitioner and how you want to be treated. That means immediate attention and better treatment.

Trauma Insurance

Trauma insurance is designed to minimise the financial burden resulting from the diagnosis of a major critical illness. Trauma pays a lump sum upon diagnosis of a covered major critical illness. Unexpected costs to the household can be accommodated as well - household roles often change, for example, as spouses take time off from work during the recovery period. Another benefit of a lump sum payment is that it can provide for unexpected expenses of any sort, such as medical care and child care or home care for the insured person.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage and Rent Cover pays a monthly benefit when the insured is unable to work due to illness or injury. The benefit pays for an agreed period of time after a specified wait period and is designed to cover the cost of mortgage repayment or rental expense obligations.