Values describe what's important to us.
They are principles or standards of behaviour.
Our values are ELITE.

E MPOWERMENT We rejoice in empowering our clients to help make positive changes for themselves, other people and the planet. As individuals, we are understandably frustrated when our best efforts to make the world a better place, for example, by recycling, are swamped by the big industry and country polluters. By pooling together with other investors in Motiva's KiwiSaver, today's generation of working age people can make a difference and create a better future for the next generation, while also building their own nest egg for retirement.

Empowering our clients to have a voice and make decisions for their financial future is what motivates us. This means we will strive to provide good communication and education on our clients' KiwiSaver investments, mortgages, personal insurance and business insurance. With the help of their financial advisor, our clients can keep making decisions that are suitable for them.

L EGACY At the heart of everything that Motiva does, is the belief that financial advice can be harnessed by our clients to leave a legacy that is both personal and for the greater good of all Kiwi families. At Motiva, we believe people deserve high quality investment products alongside great financial advice to promote financial wealth and stability, which they can share with their family and others, while also leaving the planet in better shape for future generations.

We believe hardworking families are the backbone of our country and that great financial advice should be readily available to all hard-working Kiwi families. Improving the world in which we live, and especially the environment and the planet's health, is essential to many of our clients. We know this because we listen to what they are telling us. We hear their fears about the planet's future. We know that if climate change isn't solved, then a financial legacy for our children may not mean very much.

We are for the future. Our client's, our community's, and the planet's. In everything we do, this multifaceted legacy is what gives us purpose. Motiva aims to create a positive personal and environmental legacy for our clients that future generations can be happy to inherit.

I NCLUSIVITY At Motiva, we are comfortable with being different. We are excited that most of our employees are relatively young along with our clients. Typically, this market segment tends to be ignored by most advisors and brokers who usually seek to attract the top 10% of wealthy individuals that are close to retiring.

Our younger market segment excites and energises us because we believe that this generation can make a difference in helping to strengthen New Zealand's gap in personal cover and reduce climate change.

This younger generation of working age people can invest in growing their wealth while helping to improve society and the planet. We bring energy to our work and welcome all clients, regardless of their age, that share our elite and beliefs.

T RUST Trust is important to most people. Trust is especially important when managing other people's finances. Without trust there can be no way to define good financial outcomes. If our clients cannot trust us to get them where they want to be, they are never going to get there. With trust, we can help guide them on their investment journey.

To help build trust, we aim to provide clients with transparency on the providers we advise on, what the portfolios are invested in and why we have made those investments. That is the right thing to do. We will do what we say we are going to do, which is, to protect Kiwi families and build long-term wealth while doing good for society and the environment.

Doing the right thing by our clients, the climate and other people is central to our mindset.

E MPATHY We do more than talk the talk about putting our clients first. We live this by listening to what our clients need and understanding what their goals are. We respect that each person is unique and so is their journey. We respect that our clients have concerns about their families and the planet's future. We share those concerns.

As an integrated financial services organisation, our proximity to financial advisors means that we are in a unique and privileged position to hear what concerns and challenges clients have. We then can build solutions that are needed. We achieve this by respecting our clients: their elite, their goals, their families, and their situation. We work just as hard as they do to create better outcomes for their future.